High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a training approach that involves repeated bouts of high intensity working periods followed by varied recovery times, mainly boosting the metabolism as well as maximizing the oxygen intake and so many more great benefits.

One that really helps keep people motivated is the fact that they are fast, effective and for most of the exercises you don’t need a fully equipped gym! HIIT is definitely my favorite exercise routine when I’m traveling. You can get the main part of your workout done in just 10 to 15 minutes. The whole point of HIIT is maximizing your physical output in a shorter amount of time and as a bonus factor you are able to burn a lot more calories – 12% more to be exact. To improve your athletic endurance, and of course, increase your fat burning potential you should start adding a HIIT session into your weekly workout schedule. Also, this kind of training works and is scientifically proven, but only if you’re prepared to sweat and give it your all, sometimes even struggle.
Before every session, make sure you’ve done a proper warm-up and finish each HIIT session with a gentle cool down using different types of techniques for example stretching and self-myofascial release (foam rolling).
Examples of a HIIT Workout
  • Tabata Method: Tabata is the most popular form of HIIT training. It takes only 4 minutes to complete, and is therefore the quickest example. How it works: 20 seconds high intensity, followed by a 10 second recovery period, repeated 8 times.
  • Treadmill Method: Try this super fat burning cardio style once or twice per week. 15 minutes is all you need, just follow the 30:30 second intervals. Don’t start too quick if you’re on a treadmill, as you need to get confident mounting and dismounting the moving platform in between intervals. Remember you can also do this on a stationary bicycle, rower or outside if you prefer.
  • Track or Hill sprints:
    Sprinting on a flat surface is a fantastic way to push yourself, but hill sprints add a little extra something to your workout. They can magically combine traditional sprinting with a form of resistance, which can make you work more muscle groups at the same time – therefore burning more. Find a slight incline hill outside (nothing too steep) and that you can run to the top of in around 30 seconds. Start running on the flat and push yourself to reach the top of the hill as quickly as you can. Walk back down the hill and repeat!