HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May this year be filled with lots of unforgettable memories, breathtaking vacations, endless sunsets and new adventures. Maybe your year did not come to the end like you had wished for, but that doesn’t matter now. We all have been there and to be honest 2018 was a tough year for myself. I’ve learned a bunch of lessons, a lot about true and honest friendship and how important health is and even the worst, how fast a life can end.

Maybe you had a tough year or maybe you had a wonderful year – no matter what it was, I’ve decided for myself to move on. It may sound simple but the truth is it isn’t. I’ve decided to leave people in the past, especially those who didn’t support me during hard times and who are not able to recognize true friendship. Thankfully on the other side I was able to re-connect with a few old friends on a whole new level. What I’ve learned during this past year was one huge factor: Stop pleasing anyone, it is simply not worth it. It is not worth your thoughts, it is not worth your time and especially it is not worth your feelings. You are you and you are enough, no matter what others might think. While you read this maybe it triggers something in you too and you might think of a few situations where you’ve been in a similar situation. Think about now. Did it change? Are you happy with it?

With a new year, everyone is trying to set new goals. A vacation, maybe being more active and healthy, saving more money, buying a house or getting a pet… All of these so called “goals” are different for everyone and are based on personal preferences and you are the one who has to choose what you really want or don’t want. Try to see this time of the year not just as a new beginning, I always tell my clients we start today. I don’t care if it is a Wednesday, or if we are in the middle of the month – the important thing is to start. It doesn’t matter what the exact goal is: START NOW! There will never be the right timing or the perfect start and you will always find excuses, so either you really want something and you’ll go for it or you don’t. Find yourself a goal and make a realistic timeline when you want to reach it. I’ve said this in a few posts already but it is super important, without a goal and a SMART plan you will probably never reach it. If you want to be more active try to incorporate daily walks into your schedule. Maybe start with 3 days per week. Start working out at fix dates and stick to it. No matter how hard your day was or how tired you are. Stop caring about everyone else and learn how to focus on YOURSELF. This is not selfish even though a few people might see it that way, that’s why this is called SELFCARE and I’ve learned last year how important it is. Make time for YOURSELF. And invest in YOURSELF. You are WORTH IT.

Now, let’s start working towards these goals and make less excuses. This is your year!