In my opinion there is some equipment where it doesn’t really matter if you do share it, but there are also pieces you definitely don’t want to share with others. Down below I have listed some very important equipment which is worth to invest into. Some of those items are great for on the go or easy to store in your gym bag, other pieces are for a home workout. Over time you will notice some work very well for you and other pieces might not be really necessary. Everything is personal preference but from my own experience and clients feedback this might be a good start for you too.

  1. Training Shoes
    Definitely something you should invest into right from the beginning. A good supportive shoe makes a huge difference when it comes to training. I have a wide range of different types of shoes but when I started I invested into two different pairs of training shoes. One for the gym which also supports your ankle during HIIT and full body circuits and a second pair which is good for cardio and outdoor runs.
  2. Yoga Mat
    One equipment I don’t like to share are mats, which is the reason why I have three different types of mats. But to be honest, one is fine. Personally I use one for Yoga classes, another one for my gym and the third one is for at home workouts. I recommend investing in one good mat, if possible try to buy one with an adjustable carrying strap. Before you buy the mat invest a few minutes and do your own research on different kinds of brands, materials and also the thickness of a mat makes a difference.
  3. Resistance Bands
    Every time I travel I always take my resistance bands with me. They are light, don’t need a lot of space but they are super useful for different exercises. You can use them for a full body workout where you target all muscle groups or at least the majority of them. Second, they are an important tool before you hit a lower body session – I always incorporate them into my warm-up routine, especially if I train glutes.
  4. Weighted Jump Rope
    Jump Ropes are another important item. They are small, easy to carry around and useful for a wide range of workouts. You can either incorporate it into your warm-up routine, you can incorporate a circuit into a HIIT workout or use it as a finisher to get your heart rate up and burn a few extra calories. If you are more advanced with the jump rope, it is also kind of fun to play around with different techniques.
  5. Foam Roller
    A must have! A review of literature published in Current Sports Medicine Reports (ACSM) found that foam rolling (self-myofascial release) appears to have a positive effect on flexibility before exercise and results in decreased soreness and fatigue following exercise. Foam rolling can have benefits after a workout as well and I recommend doing it before and after working out.
  6. Headphones
    Working out with your favorite beats makes every workout easier. I use two different headphones, depending on my workout. Beats by Dre are my favorite for lifting sessions, whilst smaller one for example AirPods from Apple are great for HIIT or running training. But I guess this is just personal preference. Invest in a good pair of headphone, ideal sweat proof and easy to clean and you won’t regret your choice.