One perk of living in New York are the farmers markets during summer time. Different local farmers offer fresh, locally grown and organic products. I ran out of honey so I decided to pick up everything from the Rockefeller Farmers Market. I got a bunch of different vegetables, fruits, local honey and maple syrup which I will need for my homemade granola. I love shopping from local farmers, besides the fact that I’m able to support local businesses, I also know where the products come from. I just hope that these markets will get rid of the plastic bags and use paper or cotton bags for their products.

I always take a cotton bag to the market with me but today I shopped too much and unfortunately I had to use a few plastic bags to carry everything back home. Since we already have a huge plastic problem I think it is even more important to think about where your products come from and how the farmers grow their plants and vegetables. The farmers market at Rockefeller Center also offers honey and maple syrup in glass containers, which is one reason why I always go back to this particular place. The city offers a couple of markets and the one located at Rockefeller Center is a smaller one and the atmosphere is less stressful compared to the biggest market at Union Square. I even tried maple ginger lemon beer this time and I liked it a lot, the flavor was delicious – the list of ingredients was not endless and did not contain anything unhealthy.