Early morning hike in Palm Springs. Sometimes people overthink the topic on how to stay healthy on vacation – to be honest in the past it felt difficult but since I’ve learned from my mistakes and grew as a person, it felt pretty easy this time. We hiked a lot, worked out, ate healthy most of the times but also enjoyed desert and a few cocktails. I did not feel guilty or bad at all because in my opinion balance is key and it is something you can definitely stick to. If you plan on hiking in Palm Springs you definitely have to go as early as possible because the heat there is no joke! We went on our hikes before breakfast around 7:00 AM – for longer hikes we left at 6:30 AM. Take a few water bottles with you! Even though it is early in the day, the temperatures are already high and staying hydrated is even more important than usual.

The scenery looks amazing. The mountains, the rocky desert mixed with the dry heat it is just breathtaking. I guess since Abu Dhabi I have a thing for deserts, or probably I always had it and never knew. Since this was my first visit to California I was not really sure what to expect scenery wise. I was completely blown away, if you drive a few hours from north to south or the other way around you will notice a huge change in nature. During our hikes and road trips I fell even more in love with this state. The vibes on the West Coast are so different compared to the East Coast. Now, I’m back in NYC and it already feels like our short summer here is over which is something I did not expect to happen so soon and I already miss the early morning walks in the desert. Can’t wait to be back soon.