Before we moved to the Big Apple I always imagined myself walking through Central Park. It is my favorite “escape” of the concrete jungle without leaving the city. You can find so many hidden and secret places and enjoy quiet moments just for yourself. Besides the many different lakes and movie scenery locations there is so much more to explore, one of my current favorite locations is Shakespeare Garden. A rather less-frequented attraction of the park and one of the perfect places for a relaxing afternoon. Stroll along its winding paths amidst the lovely seasonal flora, which is particularly vibrant and lush in the springtime with a romantic atmosphere and covers four acres of plants that change according to season.

Last weekend we walked through the park to our favorite breakfast to-go spot which is located on the East Side of Manhattan. We did not stop at Shakespeare Garden, due to a wedding on that day. The Park was almost empty because it was so early. I decided to take my camera with me and take pictures before nature changes its color into fall season. A few dogs and their owners where already outside and I stopped and had to hug almost every doggy, we saw an artist and a few tourists who tried to take pictures of a squirrel and a workout group who enjoyed a HIIT outdoor styled workout. One I will definitely attempt soon, I’m always in for outdoor workouts, and decided to give this one a try. After our 30 minute walk we arrived at our breakfast location and enjoyed ourselves there before we went back home.